“Tell me and I will forget it, show it to me
and I will remember it, involve me and I
will understand it.”

(Ancient Chinese proverb)

Our mission, vision, ambition and values


Amplifying the perspectives of the company, with respect for its authenticity and all the stakeholders


The world is changing fundamentally. Achieving social consensus between stakeholders (family, shareholders, employees, clients/customers, financiers and public) benefits all parties


Together with management and stakeholders improving the business – commercially, operationally and financially – so that once again it can grow



5 Principles of Rijnland

Rijnland: our five principles:

  • Rijnland is convinced that a transformation can only be successful when supported by all stakeholders. Realising change is a joint responsibility.
  • Rijnland is keenly sensitive to creating transformations that fit within the DNA, the culture of the company. Do things differently but be yourself.
  • Rijnland firmly believes that a company should focus on and improve what it is good at. Whatever is good, deserves respect and ought to be cherished.
  • We are firm believers in tackling the real issues on the work floor. We’d rather roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty than have our heads in the clouds.
  • We stand for responsibility, accountability and long term commitment. We don’t just shout instructions from the side-lines, we join your team.

Rijnland’s model

Rijnland analyses each organization using this systematic method

Based on this analysis a plan with clear objectives is prepared. Upon approval, Rijnland takes operational responsibility for executing the plan in cooperation with management and staff, securing a sustainable transformation.

The real benefit of this model is that both hard and soft criteria are taken into account. With this approach the ‘real’ issues are identified, resulting in  unlocking improvements and value.


Rijnland’s approach


Rijnland’s model

  • Recognise and restore company culture and fundamental values
  • Serve the long term goals of all stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders and society at large)
  • Sustainability, continuity and corporate social responsibility are considered the license to play
  • People always come first


  • Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Retail food/non-food

Analysis & implementation

  • Bottom-up approach, literally from the work floor to the board room
  • Sensitive to the environment and respecting the culture
  • Prepare a challenging, yet executable plan
  • Improve companies’ operational, commercial and financial performance while preserving their heritage


  • Utilise ‘on-the-job’ expertise
  • Resolve problems in daily operations
  • Take responsibility for execution and results
  • Secure knowledge and continuity


  • Realising the implementation
  • Secure sustainable results
  • Strengthen the connections between stakeholders
  • Deliver rapid bottom line, cash impact and meaningful results

“The sooner you include us in redirecting/re-aligning your company, the faster your company will benefit from measures, needed to take. We pride ourselves in our ability to create far-reaching solutions with minimal invasion.”

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